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In simple words, persistence means the attitude and personality trait of working hard and trying again and again until complete success is achieved. Here is why persistence is the key to success and why you should develop it as a vital personality trait.

1. Persistence makes you an expert

You may not be good at doing something for the first time but you will get better at it when you keep trying for the second time, third time and so on. With persistence, you will continue to do the same thing over and over again until you achieve complete success. This will make you an expert in whatever task you are doing.

2. Being persistent will motivate you to try harder

Being persistent means that you will keep trying again and again. With every attempt, you will inch closer to success. It will motivate you to put more effort to get closer to your goals when you see that there is an actual difference between where you stand right now, and your previous effort. Self-motivation is an important aspect of being successful.

3. Persistence is a sign of being ambitious

Only those people who are highly ambitious can incorporate persistence into each and every little thing that they do in their daily lives. When you keep attempting something with persistence, everyone around you will look at you as an ambitious person. It will build a positive personality image for you, a key in shaping the outlook of a successful persona.

4. Persistence will set a good example to your colleagues

A reason why persistence is the key to success especially in workplaces is because your colleagues and subordinates will be inspired by your level of persistence. When they see you achieving your goals with sheer persistence, they too will try to imitate this trait. This will result in an overall boost in productivity and efficiency for your team, making persistence a highly regarded personality trait at any workplace.

5. Persistence teaches you the value of success

Are you under the false notion that success can be achieved easily by manipulative tactics? Do you think that success can be easily bought? Do you think that success comes with just a little bit of effort? If have these untrue thoughts in your head, persistence will teach you that success is not that easy to achieve. As you keep attempting to achieve a goal over and over again, you will understand the true value of success. It will enlighten you about the amount of hard work and dedication required to make something happen, preparing you to give your best shot at everything in life if you want to be successful.

6. Persistence will help you gain experience

Being persistent means getting up after a failure, learning from your mistakes and trying again. This whole process will help you gain experience, which is vital if you want all-rounded success. Multiple number of attempts at the same thing will help you find out the things that can go wrong, the things that are crucial to a process or the things that are not required at all. This experience, which was a result of persistence, will teach you stuff that books and procedure manuals don’t.

7. Persistence will make you aware of your weakness

To be successful, you need to be aware of your weaknesses and your faults. Your weaknesses will only be exposed when you analyze your failures and try to find out the things you lack to accomplish something. This is only possible if you are mentally prepared to accept failure, try again, fail again and keep trying until you iron out all your weaknesses to finally succeed. This is why being persistent is the key to success.


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